What is Loupedeck?

Loupedeck is a game changer; a revolutionary new ‘plug & go’ console device, designed to expertly control the photo editing software Lightroom.

It might look like a DJ mixing desk with its dials, buttons and scrolling wheels; but it’s actually a powerful, hands-on and highly intuitive accessory you can use instead of a mouse (or pen) and keyboard. Loupedeck™ is a brilliant new innovation in hardware, designed to supercharge your Adobe Lightroom™ software.

Watch the Video

Watch the video

Loupedeck™ - A brilliant new console device for Adobe Lightroom™.


Why Loupedeck?

All serious photographers and graphic designers know that editing photographs is very time consuming, the traditional mouse and keyboard is neither practical nor ergonomically efficient, and that workflow is continuously interrupted when your eyes can’t stay on the image.

Loupedeck™, simply, will change the way photo post-production is conducted. With its beautiful and functional design, the console’s set of features and intuitive usability makes it unique.

Loupedeck™ will allow a broad group of people, from amateurs to professionals, to instantly raise their game by increasing their creativity, productivity and efficiency.

Who is Loupedeck for?

Who is Loupedeck for?

Loupedeck™ is a plug and play accessory for passionate amateurs and experienced professionals in the fields of photography and graphic design and is designed to work with the Adobe Lightroom™.

Loupedeck™ is for people who demand an interface where eyes and hands work seamlessly together, so that the full potential of every frame is at fingertip control.

Loupedeck Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Loupedeck™ is a plug and play accessory that works seamlessly with Apple and PC operating systems.

Loupedeck Qualities
Loupedeck Dimensions
Loupedeck Functions
About the Team

About the Team

The Finland-based five-strong team represent the core group behind the Loupedeck™ project to date (November, 2016).

The team comprises three senior ex-Nokia / Microsoft smartphone specialists (Esa Alanen, Markus Rauman and Heikki Kangasmaa), a professional photographer (Karo Holmberg), and a CEO with a strong background in international sales (Mikko Kesti). The highly educated team can boast considerable expertise in their chosen professions, with backgrounds in industrial design, mechanical / electrical engineering and industrial management, and all have comprehensive knowledge and experience of using Adobe Lightroom™ across many years.

Loupedeck Team

Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Thank you to all our backers, supporters and Loupedeck fans! The IGG campaign is now officially closed and we have raised an astonishing 366.361 € through 1436 backers from 61 countries all around the world!